Cellophane Bags



We're very picky with our cellophane bags around here. They can't be too thin, and they can't be too thick. We have found the perfect bags that are soft yet have the perfect crunch!

Use this as a size guide:

X Small (3" x 2" x 9") Great size for a small gift item, cookie or candies. Pack of 100.

Small (4" x 2 1/8" x 8") Great size for a small gift item, cookie, or candies. Pack of 100.

Small Tall (4" x 2 1/8" x 12") Our personal favorite size!! Great size for a gift, cookie, candies, a jar of jam or salsa. Pack of 100.

Small Super Tall (4" x 2 1/8" x 18") Great size for packaging up taller items such as water bottles. You can always cut them down if you want them shorter! Pack of 100.

Medium (5" x 3" x 12") Great size for wrapping up a small gift or treat. Pack of 100.

Medium Plus (6" x 4" x 12") Our medium size with an added inch of width and depth. Pack of 100.

Large (8" x 4" x 18") Great size for wrapping up a larger item that normally doesn't fit in the cello bags you have on hand. Good for gifts and a small plate of treats. Pack of 25.

X Large (12" x 4" 20") This bag is such a great size to have on hand. It fits a plate inside, so it's an easy wrap job for delivering a plate full of cookies to neighbors and friends. We also use this to wrap up gifts, you'll never want to use a box again! Pack of 25.



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